Torres de Serranos

by - 4/13/2013

I am back, I am one happy scrapbooker again! Thats the good news. The bad news isnt acually bad, but I wished I could stay like forever(?) in Spain. I love this country so much, the weather is fine and its sunny most of the times, here in norway its snowing. Can you believe it? We have snow since october and I am so over it. I want spring, colours, warm temperatures. But no: not in Norway!
So here is the story behind the pics:
I love Valencia...okay I love Barcelona too and I think Madrid is also a very nice city, but I have never been maybe next time. Valencia has some really old buildings and when you ever going to visit this beautiful city in Spain you have to go to "Torres de Serranos" for sure. Torres de Serranos or Porta de Serrans is one of the twelve gates that were found along the old medieval city wall in Valencia. You have a very nice view when you climb up the stairs. This is nothing for children under 6 though because its a bit scary.
I lifted a page from the latest adventure of Glittergirl (Shimelle?) over at 2peas, love her videos, they are always so inspiring! I think my page turned out quite well, the patterned paper at the background is busy and colourful but it fits the pictures. So I am very happy with the result! I used the Neverlandkit and the Hook-addon, oh how I love Studio Calico!
Scrapbooking is really therapeutic, I made 4 pages yesterday and I am feeling so much better now! Thanks for all the support via FB, email and in the comments the last couple days! I really appreciate it!

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