Hotel Apartamentos Wellness

by - 4/12/2013

Sometimes life is hard, very hard.
I love scrapbooking so much, I can make cool pages, minialbums and even cardmaking is fun. Scrapbooking was a sort of "job" the last 2 years ( I was at 2 designteams), but from now on its more like the hobby I started like 8 years ago and some people say its even therapeutic and yes it is! I will scrapbook today, the last days I could not, I wanted it so bad, but I was all tears. I was so disappointed and still I am.
I made this page a few days ago when everything was still perfect and fine. Its a page about the hotel in Valencia where I stayed after easter this year. I made it after a sketch from Citrus Twist.
Some people were very helpful and full of understanding the past few days! Thanks girls, you are the best and real friends, but still my tears Happy scrappin! You will see more pages with the wonderful Studio Calico Kit "Neverland" and "Hook" within the next few days! I am ready for it! So stay tuned!
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