Mini Book [Hello Stavanger]

by - 9/05/2014

Last week I was for a couple of days in Stavanger. I visited a good friend of mine, who moved from Oslo to Stavanger a few months ago. The weather was not the best, it rained and poured at the first day, but we managed to go to Stavanger city to make some pictures from the port and the so called colorful street (Øvre Holmegate) in Stavanger. All the buildings in this street have been painted in fresh colors. All the houses along the street were painted in different hues, in accordance with a colour scheme suggested by the artist Craig Flannagan. As you wander along Øvre Holmegate, you will find many exciting shops and charming café's. We had a short coffee break at the café Sjokoladepiken (Chocolate Girl). The pralines and cakes are handmade and really delicious.

On my second and last day in Stavanger we have been at three differents places and to the beach. First we visited an old black cave (Svarthålå). It is just a small cave, which was populated 6000 years ago by a group of hunters. Then we headed to a place called "Sverd i Fjell". Swords in Rock is a monument at Hafrsfjord. It was here Harals Hårfagre fought a battle that united Norway into one kingdom in 872 AD. The monument represents peace, unity and freedom. The Vikings swords´ hilts are modelled on swords found in various parts of the country. The monument was made by Friz Røed (1982-2002) and unveiled by King Olav in 1983. The last touristical attraction were some bronze age rock carvings at Fluberget Revheim. After that we went to a wonderful beach near Stavanger. 

All in all it was a really nice trip. I made this mini book after a workshop by Marcy Penner. I used the digital files and scrapbook add on "Jet" by Studio Calico for this mini book.

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