Scrap Your Kit - Blue Note [Playa Blanca By Night, Yummy]

by - 2/19/2014

The beach at Playa Blanca is by night one of the greatest places on the island Lanzarote. I never have seen this beach by daylight in the whole 2 weeks! We prefered to stay at the Papagayo Beach during the days.
I love the lights at night and I took some great pictures of this beach.

 our very first evening on Lanzarote we decided to go for a walk near the beach. We ended up in an Irish Pub. The kids wanted to have icecream and we drank a good irish beer. The boys loved the icecream but we had to help them, it was way too much!

Lilac is not quite my favorite color when it comes to scrapbooking. The Blue Note Kit contained some lilac papers and I decided to combine the color with lots of bright colors like orange, red, dark blue and mint and I think these colors fit well to the photos of my two boys.

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