Scrap Your Kit - Blue Note [Leon, Emil & Matt På Tur, På Tur, Nice View]

by - 2/20/2014

Last November we went to a place called "Spikertjern" in Nittedal where we live. Its a nice place with a lake and a cabin in the middle of the Oslomarka. Its only 5 kms from our home, so we did´t have to walk that long. At a sunny but very cold day we walked almost 4 hours to this wonderful place with a very nice view. We stayed the night at the Spikertjernhytte, a cabin near the lake. It was really cold that night! We had no water at the cabin and no toilet either. I guess this is typical for Norway. Back to nature! 
We had to get our water from the lake, but that was quite difficult, because the lake was frozen. This trip to the cabin remembers me of the film "Frozen". Norway is really beautiful but it really can be ice cold during the winter.

The first page is a lift after a wonderful scrapbook layout by Celine Navarro! I love her style and wanted to make a similar page.

For the second scrapbook layout I used some leftovers and lots of washitape!

I made in total 6 pages about this trip to Spikertjern and I will show you 2 more scrapbook layouts next monday!

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