Cardmaking - Inspired By Janna Werner

Janna Werner was one of the teachers at the Ostsee Scrap and she made cards and gift packages with us. Today I want to show my 4 cards, we could make 5 in total but I decided 4 are enough. I love the look of the cards. Love all the embossing and the glitter. We used a lot of stamping and embossing techniques and used the big shot more than one time!

Not all stamping images are perfect, but I really like these cards!

Scrapbook Layout [Prater in Wien]

Today I want to show you my scrapbook layout I made at the Ostsee Scrap in Boltenhagen. Andrea Gomoll was our teacher for this workshop and she did a huge job. She is such a cute person and I was really curious how she is in real life. She is just wonderful!

Andrea Gomoll has a very colorful style and I loved her scrapbook layout with lots of flaps and photos she presented us at the workshop.

I had the perfect pictures for these very colorful papers and embellishments. I used pictures from our trip to Vienna.

The most important attraction at the Prater is this huge and very old Ferris Wheel. Emil loved it, but Leon was a little bit scared.

I loved all the funky colors at the Prater and I took a lot of pictures. This scrapbook layout contains 7 photos!

I finished my layout at home and used some additional stuff like enamel dots, alphas, washi tape and colorshine by Heidi Swapp. I am really happy with the result! I will make more pages like these. Thank you Andrea for all the inspiration!

Mini Book [Schloss Schönbrunn]

Hei and welcome back to my wonderful blog. I was on a 4-day trip (with canceled flight included) in Germany. I was at the Ostsee Scrap in Boltenhagen and if you want to see some pictures and stories about it, you can read it all here and here (Sandra) and at Elvans blog. I had the best time in my life! Love to see all the girls I met at the SBW event two years ago and all the new girls I met for the first time. It was so fun! Thank you girls!

Nat Kalbach, Andrea Gomoll, Janna Werner and Melanie Hoch were the best teachers ever and they showed us all the good things from Mixed Media to Scrapbooking. I made one scrapbook layout, 2 mini books, 4 cards, several cute gift boxes, a canvas and an art journaling book. I loved all the inspiration and today I want to show you the first mini book I made at the Ostsee Scrap.

Melanie Hoch is the mini book queen in Germany and she showed us how to make a simple mini book with some pretty paper, cardboard, washitape and binding rings. It was so fun. I love my finished mini book and I will definitely make more mini books like this one!

I hope you like my mini book. I will show you more projects from the Ostsee Scrap within the next two weeks. \I wish you all a happy scrappy and sunny day!

Scrap Your Kit - Bluegrass Farm [Hiking]

So, my boys like hiking. Actually I am the only one who hate it...all the other ones in my family would hike every single weekend. Not me though, I am more the crafty one who wants to sit inside the house whole day long making stuff. That would be a dream, right?

I took the pictures of my two boys some years ago and these fleece clothes still fit.

Scrap Your Kit - Bluegrass Farm [Yeah Yeah, Pose & Smile]

Two pages and on each one is a celebrity! Back in the eightees A-ha was my favorite pop band. I just love there songs, not only "Take On Me", my alltime favorite song is "The Sun Always Shines on TV"...and these guys are actually from Norway. Yeah! Morten and Magne still live here, but Pål lives with his family in New York, oh well. Magne lives nearby in Oslo on the Island Nesøya. One day I will visit him. *lol*

Morten is such a cute guy and he sings like a god. I took these pictures at a concert in Oslo almost two years ago. Doesn´t he look handsome? *sigh*

And yes, this is Amy Tan with me! Daphne took this picture of us at the Scrapbook Werkstatt Event back in 2012 in Germany. Loved Amys Min Album workshop!

More scrapbook layouts with the Bluegrass Farm scrapbook kit will be posted tomorrow! Have a nice day!

Scrap Your Kit - Bluegrass Farm [Grebbestad, Spring In Sweden, Havstensund]

Hei, it´s me again. Today I want to present 3 scrapbook layouts. All pictures are from our vacation in Sweden back in 2012.

I love scrapbook layouts with more than one picture. I make so many photos and I have to scrap the best ones. Sometimes I scrap pictures twice, thats totally ok for me, remember there are no rules for scrapbooking. Do what you want to do!

For this last scrapbook layout I used a stamp hGlitter Girl has shown us scrapbookers in one of her weekly videos. I just love her videos, she has really amazing ideas!

Tomorrow I will show you more pages with the Blugrass Farm Scrapbook kit!

Scrap Your Kit - Bluegrass Farm [Pearl Seaways, Oslo Skyline]

Here are my next two scrapbook layouts. I lifted a page by Paige Evans and made a second one with the same triangles.

I love bright colors and orange is no exception. I try to use all my cardstock and sometimes I quite like the look of an oldfashioned cardstock background like in this scrapbook layout!

Scrap Your Kit - Bluegrass Farm [Mr Musicman]

I just love my monthly kits! They make me scrapping all day long, but mostly I scrap in the mornings while the kids are at school and my husband is at work.

I made a cool page about my oldest one playing on this big xylophone at a playground in Denmark. He loves music and sometimes I call him Mr. Musicman, he understands really good English though, so he knows what I mean.

I lifted a scrapbook layout by Amy Tangerine. Love her stitchy style and I wanted to make a similar one.

I wish you all a nice and sunny day!

Scrap Your Kit- Bluegrass Farm [Sneak Peek]

Hei, today I want to show you some sneak peeks. I will post all these wonderful scrapbook layouts within the next two weeks. I used the Bluegrass Farm scrapbook kit and some of the add ons for these pages. I still have plenty stuff left, so I will make more pages! And I planned to make a few PL pages! So stay tuned!

Gratulerer med dagen Norge!

Ja, vi elsker dette landet, 
som det stiger frem 
furet, vejrbidt over vandet 
med de tusen hjem. 
Elsker, elsker det og tænker 
på vor far og mor 
og den saganat, som sænker 
drømme på vor jord. 

Norske mand i hus og hytte, 
tak din store Gud! 
landet vilde han beskytte, 
skønt det mørkt så ud. 
Alt, hvad fædrene har kæmpet, 
mødrene har grædt, 
har den Herre stille læmpet, 
så vi vant vor ret. 

Today we celebrate 200 years of the Norwegian Constitiuton. 
You can read more about it on the official site of Norway.
Heia Norge!

Mini Album [Oslo]

Have you seen the mini album about Valencia I showed at the Pebbles blog a few weeks ago? I love mini albums and I did it again...I made one about Oslo, my favorite city in Norway...well, its the capital of Norway though and I only have been to Kristiansand once almost 14 years actually I only know 2 big cities in Norway.

So here is my mini album. I used some really nice patterned papers by Pebbles and some other good stuff, I adore the tiny cameras, the hearts and frames. These are selfmade embellishments and I used different kind of dies for them. Love dies and die-cutting lately.

I took most of the pictures during the long and cold winter. The winters in Norway are really long, like 6 months long...and the winters are really cold, you need good and warm clothes in Norway. I will make a summer mini album about Oslo too, with lots of bright colors and such. But the next weeks I will show you a couple of scrapbook layouts. Have a happy and scrappy day!