Scrap Your Kit - Bluegrass Farm [Yeah Yeah, Pose & Smile]

by - 5/23/2014

Two pages and on each one is a celebrity! Back in the eightees A-ha was my favorite pop band. I just love there songs, not only "Take On Me", my alltime favorite song is "The Sun Always Shines on TV"...and these guys are actually from Norway. Yeah! Morten and Magne still live here, but Pål lives with his family in New York, oh well. Magne lives nearby in Oslo on the Island Nesøya. One day I will visit him. *lol*

Morten is such a cute guy and he sings like a god. I took these pictures at a concert in Oslo almost two years ago. Doesn´t he look handsome? *sigh*

And yes, this is Amy Tan with me! Daphne took this picture of us at the Scrapbook Werkstatt Event back in 2012 in Germany. Loved Amys Min Album workshop!

More scrapbook layouts with the Bluegrass Farm scrapbook kit will be posted tomorrow! Have a nice day!

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