Scrap Your Kit - Camelot [Fensterrecht, Kunsthaus]

by - 6/18/2014

Hei and welcome back!
Friedensreich Hundertwasser was a very famous artist and architect in Austria and you can find a lot of places in Vienna which were designed by him. The famous Hundertwasserhaus is one of these buildings. I just love his colorful paintings and the Hundertwasserhaus is very colorful too.

The so called "Fensterrecht is a right to design the outside of the windows by the residents of the building. They are allowed to paint the windows in different colors and shapes. I took some pictures of these windows and explained the "Fensterrecht" in the journaling.

The second scrapbook layout is about the Kunsthaus in Vienna and this museum is designed by Hundertwasser too. It has a cafe and we had a coffee break there before we watched all the beautiful paintings by Hundertwasser in the museum. For this scrapbook page I lifted a layout by Shimelle.

Tomorrow I will be back with more pictures and scrapbook layouts about Vienna! So stay tuned!

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