Scrap Your Kit - Office Hours [Salt On My Skin, Lørdagsgodteri]

by - 4/29/2014

So today I will show you more scrapbook layouts. I hope you like my pages! The fisrt one is a lift and I lifted a page by all time favorite scrapbook designer and good friend Nina Stenzel! Love her work and I this time I had to lift the page "This is me". My page is about the salt from Lanzarote, they sell the salt quite expensive in the shops at all those tourist places, but at a normal supermarkt the salt is really cheap.

The second page is about the sweets the kids get at saturdays. In Norway it is not allowed to give sweets during the week, the kids are only allowed to eat them at saturdays these sweets are called "lørdagsgodteri". But I must confess that my children sometimes get sweets and even icecream during the week...oh my...!

This time I lifted a page by Garden Girl Jen Kinkade. More pages will come tomorrow! Wish you all a nice day!

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