Making-of-Monday #5

Its monday again...and its my first official day off this summer! I will have vacation the next four (!) weeks, I do not have to go to my job and work! So lots of time to scrapbook, right?
My oldest son Emil got a bicycle last week and he loves it! So I made this page with the beautiful roundabout kits (main scrapbook kit, cardkit and PL-kit!), I bought some addons too and I love how I can combine everything, the kits from Studio Calico are really versatile.
This page came really quickly together and I started with some trendy watercolouring and stamping! I used some watercolours from Winston&Newton, these are the best. They are not cheap though. Mine are really old (I studied art like 20 years ago...), but the colours are still in a perfect condition. As an art-teacher I would always recomend these. Here is how I made this page:


Sasha Farina hat gesagt…

i love seeing your process Mermaid!! That is an awesome layout and you already know how much i love circles!! heeehee!!

julie e hat gesagt…

What a fun layout - and so cool to see how it came together.

Anke Kramer hat gesagt…

Wunderschön und interessant, die Entstehung zu sehen.
Ich mag die ganzen Kreise auch sehr gerne und das Washi sieht asus , wie die Reifenspur.Mir gefällt auch, wie due die PL Karten mitverarbeitest.Das merke ich mir mal. ;-)

Kimberly Kett hat gesagt…